Electric Flowers

by YnotB



released November 1, 2013

All tracks written and performed by YnotB, except track 7 - Grip - written by EB. Trumpet on tracks 2 - They're Listening - and 8 - All The Way - by KerryB. Flute on track 9 - Blooming Lovely - by Hazel Pearl. Intro drums on track 2 - They're Listening - KerryB.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by YnotB, except tracks 1 - Milk And Honey - and 8 - All The Way - mixed by Thomas (Pommes) Görner and track 7 - Grip - mixed by YnotB and Thomas (Pommes) Görner.
Cover Art by Karin



all rights reserved


YnotB Germany

YnotB is an independent producer of (mainly) downtempo electronic music, ranging from experimental and ambient to more melodic tunes. Tracks can also be downloaded from iTunes and the usual digital sources. See his website (link below) for more details. ... more

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Track Name: Milk And Honey
In the land of milk and honey,
time to live, no cares about money.
An ageless life, nectar, ambrosia,
Garden of Eden, Jahweh and Asherah.
Lady of the Sea, Lady of the Lake,
Nimue, Elaine, Nyneve, Evienne.
Lost in time, peace and euphoria.
food of the gods, amonita muscaria.
Track Name: They're Listening
Yeah. They're sifting through your email on the servers in the cloud
and transcribing every thought that you dare to mutter out loud.
In the listening stations of GCHQ
they're checking every keyword to keep an ear on you.
And they're monitoring your movements, GPS on your mobile phone,
or tracking you from cell to cell to know just where you've gone.
There's no escape, they're watching you, building a profile
of everyone who dares to breathe or live a life a while.

They're out there with their cameras, checking on your speed.
CCTV on every corner, watching you in the street.
Face recognition, location data, credit cards, e-banks,
can't even spend a penny without them on your back.

From online shopping profiles and membership of sites
they know what you like and think, they've got you bang to rights.
There's no escape, it's all-pervasive, the Thought Police are here
and as Orwell said in '84, that's a thought too far.
For every Facebook comment, or photo, or mood
is stored on giant servers where, you bet, it'll be used
with data mining techniques to find nuggets of your mind.
They dig and dig until they have what it was they wanted to find
as leverage against you, to twist you against your will.
So, watch your back and watch your front and don't you dare to bear them ill.
Track Name: A Gallon Of Cider
A Gallon of cider and a girl like you, that was all it took.
Fooling around when I looked in your eyes and I was hooked.

They say that love is blind, but I could see
true warmth and endless depth simultaneously.
Track Name: Talk To Me
Track Name: The Cycle
Track Name: No Harm
I never meant no 'arm.
Track Name: Grip
Now tell me you're not heading anywhere,
head up, breathe some fresh air
and believe me when I say

isn't yesterday far enough?
Does blue diminish your green?
Are you telling me you're too lost to speak?
And why have your enemies disappeared?

You have to find a way out of misery,
try again, sadness isn't destiny,
and then believe me when I tell you...

See, there's only one life to live.
Are you really planning to live it in sadness?
Try getting out there, get some fresh air,
do this and that, don't live a life of dispair.
Or, do you really want that?
Now get out there and show them you wanna live,
and you must forget, I know it sounds cruel, but someday you will thank me.
Yes, someday you will thank me.

Because yesterday is far enough
and blue must not diminish your green.
You will tell me you weren't too lost to speak,
and you were the reason your enemies disappeared.
Track Name: All The Way
Yeah. Watching how it goes and how we're acting out our lives,
how we behave and how we're pulling out the knives.
Centre of attention's what some people want to be
and to get what they want they spread their misery
by plotting and scheming until they wrest control
and impose their wills on other hearts and souls.
Shouting out their orders, but they're never satisfied.
Never good enough for them, no matter how hard you try.

So, the question that I have and what I'm asking you
is, in the face of tyranny, what's a free soul supposed to do?
To stand and to fight might increase the misery,
but to bow down before kowtows to tyranny.
Follow your heart and stand up for your beliefs.
Stay true to yourself and know that it will lead
to appreciation from those you know and love,
coz that's the only thing that really matters in your life.
It's the people that support and want to work with you
that are full of love and have hearts that are true.
So, show them your heart and show them your love
and show them they're the ones that you're thinking of.
When it comes to your expression and all that you hold dear,
escape from the oppression and remember those near.
And do it for yourself and do it for them
and do it for real and be genuine.
And always do remember and never do forget
all the generous and good and lovely people that you've met.
Track Name: Blooming Lovely
A sea of colours everywhere.
Break the silence if you dare.
Makes you wanna stand and stare.
Sure it ain't no standard fare.

A sight to take your breath away.
Call it celebration day.
A picture money couldn't pay.
Oh, you know you gotta stay.

There's been no hand of mankind here.
No thought to design or to steer.
An untamed beauty without peer.
That comes to pass this time of year.